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What’s Up With the Ceiling?


It’s easy to overlook the ceiling since it’s typically not decorative, adds no color and very little texture, and it’s the most difficult part of the room to decorate, if you even want to.

Pretty much, a ceiling is invisible. Unless, of course, it is ugly or damaged, then it’s likely the first thing you’ll notice about a room. In other words, it’s best if the ceiling doesn’t call attention to itself.

Unfortunately, older kitchens, especially in condos and townhouses, were built with lots of lighting that contractors covered with decorative hard plastic. Over time, the plastic discolored, usually yellowing. Plus, it’s an out-of-date look.

Here’s an example of one ceiling makeover that not only looks more attractive, but adds a variety of lighting (traditional, can lights and rope lighting) on a dimmer switch, as well as opening the space up since SCI raised the ceiling. Instead of dated and dingy, now the kitchen looks radiant.

Want to brighten your kitchen? Call SCI – Southern Coast Improvements at 843-421-9255.

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SCI Builds Solutions to Clutter Control (Shelf, part 2)

The nearly finished project turned out functional, as well as fashionable. When building solutions for clutter control, remember to think ahead. If it makes the space more usable, be sure to include lighting and electrical outlets.

Do you have a space in your home that might be used more efficiently? Maybe to declutter and organize? Call SCI – Southern Coast Improvements at 843-421-9255 to talk over options.


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What to Expect From Your Contractor

Construction projects are seldom stress-free, however, knowing what to expect from your contractor helps. The first thing to know is there may be glitches. Weather holds up the job, special orders don’t arrive on time, a wall that is removed may cover unforeseen damage that adds to the cost of the work. A contractor can’t avoid the unexpected, but it is easier when you know what to expect from him, and as a team you can work through the rest.

  • Expect your contractor upon request to show proof of a business license, liability insurance, Workers’ Compensation and references from previous and present customers.
  • Expect your contractor to be available to meet 2-3 times ahead of a major renovation to get the details in writing.
  • Expect your contractor to show up on time for meetings, take time to answer questions/listen to your concerns and to call back or answer emails within 24 to 48 hours especially once the job is underway.
  • Expect your contractor to know what permits need to be pulled and to start the process in a timely manner. Otherwise, this may prolong a job. The same is true for architectural/engineered drawings that you may be required to have depending on the job.
  • Expect an itemized contract upon request, pricing out materials and labor. Keep in mind, if you add to your to-do list, choose pricier materials or ask for changes beyond the agreement, the cost of the job will increase.
  • Expect your contractor to give you a deadline when the job will be completed and to update you immediately if there are holdups. If you request extra projects, this prolongs the completion date.
  • Expect updates as the job progresses.
  • Expect your contractor to let you know if unexpected costs arise before he goes ahead with the job.
  • Expectyour contractor to be upfront instead of telling you what you want to hear. If he says he can start tomorrow, finish a major renovation in three weeks and for the price you set, you may want to question if the deal sounds too good to be true.

If you’re looking for a contractor, call SCI – Southern Coast Improvements at 843-421-9255.



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