How To Find a Reputable Contractor

Finding a reputable contractor can mean the difference between smooth sailing and being up the creek without a paddle. We know all about that. And so do Grand Stranders who have shared plenty of horror stories about the home improvement guy who asked for a deposit for supplies but never returned to do the work. Or the one who tore the customer’s house apart, then walked off the job. Or the contractor who painted over rotted wood that ended up costing more to fix than the original bid..

Who has the time or money to deal with scenarios like these?

To find a reputable contractor:

  • Ask to see a professional license and a business license. The person overseeing the work should either be a licensed residential contractor or a licensed general contractor.
  • Get proof of insurance and bonding. It’s best when a contractor like Southern Coast Improvements has general liability insurance and Workman’s Compensation to protect workers and homeowners.
  • Contact references and ask questions about reliability, work habits, quality of work, and how easy the contractor is to work with overall. The best contractor is one who comes highly recommended by family, friends or a trusted acquaintance.
  • Pay attention to what the contractor does instead of what he says. We hired a cabinetmaker that guaranteed kitchen cabinets within three weeks. When we asked to see the progress, all we got was excuses. It was tempting to hang in there because we had invested our time. Instead, we followed our own advice and took our business elsewhere.
  • Check out jobs that are in progress. Ask to see completed projects to assure the contractor’s work is satisfactory.
  • Be wary if a contractor is too available. Being busy is a good sign. Even if waiting is inconvenient, keep in mind that you don’t want someone working on your home that no one else wants working on his or hers.

    If you’re shopping for a contractor, give John Henson at SCI – Southern Coast Improvements a call at 843-421-9255.


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