SCI Builds Solutions to Clutter Control (Shelf, part 1)

So much clutter, so little time and space to contain it!

Though SCI isn’t into clutter control, we do offer solutions to make it easier for you to manage piles of magazines, kitchen gadgets, guest towels and sheets, lots and lots and lots of shoes, and more. We can build a solution … just let us know what you need.

For instance, the customer who ordered this shelf wanted to be sure her renovated kitchen countertops didn’t turn into the catchall for bills and keys. This decorative shelf by the front door, in the entryway of the Arcadian I condo, is the perfect solution to what may have ended up being a cluttered kitchen.

Do you have a space in your home that might be used more efficiently? Maybe to declutter and organize? Call SCI – Southern Coast Improvements at 843-421-9255 to talk over options.




February 29th, 2012  in Build Solutions to Clutter Comments Off

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