What’s Up With the Ceiling?


It’s easy to overlook the ceiling since it’s typically not decorative, adds no color and very little texture, and it’s the most difficult part of the room to decorate, if you even want to.

Pretty much, a ceiling is invisible. Unless, of course, it is ugly or damaged, then it’s likely the first thing you’ll notice about a room. In other words, it’s best if the ceiling doesn’t call attention to itself.

Unfortunately, older kitchens, especially in condos and townhouses, were built with lots of lighting that contractors covered with decorative hard plastic. Over time, the plastic discolored, usually yellowing. Plus, it’s an out-of-date look.

Here’s an example of one ceiling makeover that not only looks more attractive, but adds a variety of lighting (traditional, can lights and rope lighting) on a dimmer switch, as well as opening the space up since SCI raised the ceiling. Instead of dated and dingy, now the kitchen looks radiant.

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March 29th, 2012  in Improving Your Space and Place Comments Off

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