Permanent Solution to Refrigerator Rust


SCI has come up with a washable and permanent way to solve the problem of rust on refrigerators. 

Condo refrigerators are exposed to salt air and harsh cleaning chemicals that cause the exteriors to prematurely rust. Painting is a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. Over time, the rust shows through along with more of the same.

The solution is to conceal the rust by attaching a safe, protective, and relatively inexpensive covering called FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). The panels come in white and almond, and are textured much like the “skin” of the refrigerator.

For about one fifth the cost of a new refrigerator, SCI can apply a new side and cover the ugly rust.

If you’d like a quick fix for your rusted refrigerator, call SCI – Southern Coast Improvements at 843-421-9255.
April 25th, 2012  in Tips and Tricks of the Trade Comments Off

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