Commodes: Convenience and Conservation


Why flush money down the toilet, especially one you have trouble getting up from?

Two advantages to changing out your old toilets are convenience and conservation.

Consumers, especially the senior population, have outlived their outdated commodes. Since parts on a toilet can easily be replaced, it’s not unusual to have a commode in your home that dates back to poodle skirts. However, convenience is mandating upgrades. Taller commodes are easier to get on and off, and the older you get, the more you appreciate that convenience.

Plus, newer models are more attractive, and they use less water per flush. That’s right, even commodes are green and water conservation helps you and the environment. Although true in the beginning, the rumor about new models not working effectively has worked itself out. Manufacturers made necessary adjustments. These days you save money, conserve water daily, and appreciate efficiency, as well as a better-looking product.

If you’re in the market for a tall, green makeover, call SCI – Southern Coast Improvements at 843-421-9255.

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