Why Choose a Custom Shower?

Design a custom shower and you’re only limited by your imagination.

Although custom showers typically cost about twice that of standard ones, customers agree it is money well spent on a space that is used daily, and to have the size and look you want.

Possibilities are endless including built-in seats, a short ledge for shaving your legs, multiple fixtures that spray in all directions, and nonstandard shapes. Accessories like storage racks, grab bars, and pocket shelves (shown in photo) can be installed wherever you like.

Almost any tile is shower-friendly. The choices range from travertine, marble and custom stone to tiles made from ceramic, porcelain and glass.

Another plus is custom showers can accommodate any space no matter how small or large. Here are some custom shower tips from HGTV.

To assure your custom shower is nearly maintenance free, ask for epoxy grout because it is stain resistant and durable. Read what This Old House says about epoxy grout.

Finally, take your custom shower to the next level with designs by Andi Pepperney, co-owner of Art Mosaics of the Carolinas in Murrells Inlet, S.C. One of her favorite mosaics (shown here inserted in a pocket shelf, photo used with permission) is the Onyx Calla Lily. Next on her list of blooms to create is an Onyx Orchid. The accent includes natural stone, porcelain and glass. Art Mosaics of the Carolinas digitally renders the design by computer for clients’ approval.

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  • Joel Carter says:

    Great list of tips. Love the shower,the art work, the links to Andi’s Art Mosaics and HGTC page. I didn’t know you had a blog. Now that I do I can recommend and link it. I’m still without a good webpage and blog link.. One day soon I hope that will be remedied and that will be the end of no blog excuses from me.