Tide Tips: a funny story about a big mess

After a lot of cleanup.

If you’ve recently bought the newly designed Tide container that holds 150 ounces of laundry soap, run fast if you hear “Thud. Glunk, glunk, glunk.”

Placing Tide on top of our dryer worked fine for years, although probably not the wisest space-saving tip for a laundry room. However, my old-style square Tide container stayed put for the most part. If it wiggled when the clothes were drying, it only moved a quarter of an inch at most.

When the square Tide container was empty, I held onto it instead of recycling because the newly designed one didn’t sit quite right. Common sense said I should refill the old bottle with the new Tide.

Hindsight agreed.

Laziness said, “That’s too much trouble. The new bottle will be fine on top of the dryer.”

Guess what?

It wasn’t fine. It was a big blue soapy mess that splattered on a rug and shoes, ran under the dryer, and took 13 cloths to sop up whatever mess I couldn’t scoop with a manila folder (all I could think to grab). When I washed the cloths, the washing machine nearly overflowed with bubbles. After a week, the floor still feels like a Slip ‘n Slide when it gets wet.

I’m happy to share what I learned about safely using the newly designed Tide container (on the right).

Tide tip #1: If you want a bit of waterpark fun in your laundry room and the cleanest floor in town, follow my example to a T (appropriate letter, don’t you think?).

Tide tips #2, #3 and #4: If you care more about keeping Tide in the bottle until you need it for your clothes, follow one of these three tips.

  • Place your newly designed Tide container on a steady shelf, not the dryer top.
  • Refill the old-style square Tide container (on the left) with new Tide.
  • Buy a Tide container without a dispenser, store it on a steady shelf, and get used to pouring your laundry liquid.


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