Random Tips #1 from SCI – Southern Coast Improvements

Here is a list of random tips especially for our SCI – Southern Coast Improvement readers, tips for around the house and on the road. Just call us Heloise’s helpers.

  • Twist ties from electronic and other purchases are long enough to tie around and organize electrical cords.
  • Dawn takes out greasy stains from clothes, as well as some collar and deodorant stains. Keep a small bottle in the laundry room for convenience. Be sure to test on an inconspicuous place on fabric, although I’ve never had it ruin anything.
  • To refresh during a long drive, take a wet washcloth in a plastic bag and wipe your face often.
  • Colored sink mats don’t discolor from coffee like the clear ones.
  • If you travel with pets, pack a dog bag similar to a diaper bag for babies. It’s convenient to keep food and water bowls, a blanket, and chew toys packed if you travel often. Just add food.
  • Same as with the doggie bag, if you’re a frequent traveler, buy two of everything and keep your makeup bag packed and ready to go.
  • Next time you visit a home improvement store, purchase a cobweb remover with an extended handle. It’s easy to brush the webs off windows and out of corners.
  • In between your dog’s baths, use Boot and Barkley Grapefruit Grove Deodorizing Dog Spray from Target. There are more expensive brands, but for $3.99 this one works fine to neutralize your pet’s odor. Spray on your dog’s fur and rub it in.
  •  Stock up on cleaning supplies like Soft Scrub and Magic Erasers under every sink so you’re not tempted to skip cleaning.
  • Clorox wipes work, wiping away grease from the microwave, toaster and stovetop. They’re handy on trips to sanitize hotel rooms.
  • Zep’s products are SCI’s brand of choice for cleaning windows and bathrooms. The mildew remover works overtime so be careful during application. It bleaches anything and everything.

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