Looking at Windows in a Different Light

John painted these sunflowers.

If you let it, Spring will soon be blowing through your screen windows.

Replacing old windows is a good idea if your dream home list includes being able to open your space to the great outdoors, while being able to easily close it to dust and pollen.

Old windows can be made functional again, but most times it’s best to use them for decoration and spend the extra money to buy new. Sometimes you may even find it doesn’t cost that much extra for new windows when you consider the cost for scraping, reglazing and painting old windows.

Plus, look at all the creative ideas for making your old windows anything but a “pane.”

Here’s an article I wrote for CalFinder. Check out photos of 12 attractive windows made more fun than functional.




January 31st, 2013  in Upcycling & Reusing Comments Off

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