About SCI – Southern Coast Improvements

The Quality of our work improves the Quality of your life. 

SCI – Southern Coast Improvements specializes in repair, remodeling and renovation of existing single family homes in and around Myrtle Beach.

Behind all that goes on is owner and president of the company , John Henson. John left his teaching career in higher education to start a business doing what he loves, home improvement. John and his wife Kim bought their first fixer-upper when they were 22. The couple didn’t do much with the  house but owning it encouraged John to begin his tool collection.

When John and Kim returned to their hometown, they bought their second fixer-upper. Alongside Kim’s dad, the couple did it all. They added on a bedroom and bath, remodeled the kitchen, redid hardwood floors, tiled the kitchen and baths, and put on a new roof. By the time the two of them bought their third home, they were confident they could handle the work ahead. To prove it, they landed a story about their home’s renovation in the magazine, “This Old House.”

Since then, John has become a licensed residential contractor. For years, until the company grew bigger, he taught the Residential Homebuilders Licensing Course at Horry Georgetown Technical College. Kim helped out in the business, as well as writing for home improvement blogs all over the country, sharing tips and tricks of the trade. Today she writes human interest and inspirational stories for regional and national publications.

The couple has two grown-and-gone children who have both bought fixer-uppers in Upstate S.C. and are in the process of renovating them. In their spare time, John and Kim visit Lowe’s and Home Depot, and once in a while they even visit their kids and granddogs.

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