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Flooring at its Finest


If you fall, I’ll be there.  ~ Floor

This quote comes from a funny Facebook poster that’s been circulating for months, and there is truth to it. You walk all over it. Dirty shoes, high heels, dog hair, furniture legs. You name it and your floor’s probably put up with it. All the while, it’s expected to be durable and look attractive.

The possibility that our high demands be met is more probable than ever because choices are virtually endless and flooring is long-lasting like never before.

HGTV Beautiful Kitchen Flooring Ideas showcase flooring that includes slate, concrete, and wood-look ceramic tile to bamboo and black leather. You read it right, black leather. HGTV highlighted these options for your cooking area, however, any one of them can be used throughout the house depending on the flooring’s water tolerance and its sturdiness if the area is high traffic.

Flooring specialists should be able to guide you in the right direction. Your contractor may also offer suggestions.

Money Crashers’ blog, featured in U.S. News, Forbes and Wall Street Journal, listed the top 6 floors: hardwoods, tile, laminate, carpet, vinyl, and cork. Their research includes cost, pros and cons, and the room best suited for the flooring.

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