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Wallpaper and the Mold Behind It

Photo taken at an oceanfront condo where SCI removed wallpaper.

Property owners are becoming more aware of mold and mildew, and taking a peek to see what’s underneath their wallpaper. Let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture.

Wallpaper was all the rage before folks thought much about mold and mildew. The Family Handyman says there are thousands of types of mold and mildew, so instead of trying to distinguish for this post, we’ll clump them all together and call it mold. A simple definition for indoor mold is a rude fungus that shows up uninvited, eats your stuff without asking, then burps and makes your home smell unpleasant.

Wallpaper offers a perfect breeding ground for mold, especially around the beach where the climate is highly humid. All mold needs is a cool, dark and humid place and off it grows. Plus, wallpaper acts more like a trap for moisture than a barrier, like you might think.

Years after its hanging, wallpaper often shows ugly signs of mold around the edges, which should make you wonder about its underside. Or worse, the mold goes unnoticed and it deteriorates your home and health before you realize what’s happening.

Mold has become so bothersome that some Myrtle Beach property management companies are telling homeowners either remove the wallpaper or their condos will be removed from the rental list.

Best practices:

  • Avoid putting up wallpaper in any room. However, if you must, be sure it is mold resistant even though there is no guarantee. There is also waterproof wallpaper, but again, it comes with no guarantee that it’ll remain mold-free.
  • Remove existing wallpaper by scoring the paper, then spray on a mixture of water and fabric softener, enough so that it soaks through to the adhesive.
  • Clean walls with a mixture of one part water and one part bleach. Let dry completely.
  • Prepare walls by applying a coat of mold resistant stain blocker.
  • Paint walls with mold resistant paint.

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