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PEX for Plumbing

PEX or cross-linked polyethylene is a piping system that has been around the United States since the 80’s. However, it’s just now gaining popularity because of its reliability and other advantages over metal pipe like copper and rigid plastic pipe like PVC. PEX makes it easy to plumb new construction, as well as replace old pipes in existing structures.


  1. PEX is flexible plastic tubing; therefore, it bends around corners for easy replacement/installation.
  2. Durability and low maintenance makes PEX a more appealing choice since it doesn’t corrode like copper or split at the joints and burst during freezing temperatures like PVC. Instead, PEX stretches so no more broken pipes.
  3. Pricing is reasonable. PEX’s cost is comparable to PVC and a good bit less than copper.
  4. Installation is also reasonable because PEX requires no soldering or gluing. Instead it’s quick and easy to fasten together by crimping the rings at each end.


  1. Installation requires special tools that add to the cost when the project is DIY.
  2. Deterioration and splitting may occur if PEX is regularly exposed to sunlight.

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