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Simple Steps for Painting a Luan Door

I accidentally stumbled onto a painting tip for Luan doors when we remodeled two closets in our home.

I wanted the doors painted the same color as the bedroom walls, except with a semi-gloss finish. I primed both closet doors and painted one of them with semi-gloss paint. The other, I painted with flat since we ran out of semi-gloss.

When I put a second coat on both doors, turns out the one painted with an undercoat of flat paint took the semi-gloss coat more easily. The flat paint filled in the grainy wood and made for a smoother semi-gloss topcoat.

Here are the simple steps for painting a Luan door:

  1. Prime
  2. Paint with flat paint
  3. Repaint with semi-gloss or gloss paint
  4. Lightly sand between coats with 150 grain or finer sandpaper.

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