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Up the Creek: A Funny Renovation Story

That afternoon wound down one of our good do-it-yourself days.

We figured  if we were ever going to name the house, this was the day to choose since we were feeling warm and fuzzy about our purchase. No telling what we would have called her the evening of the lime-green-paint fiasco. The one when I was supposed to be buying mint green for the bedroom. If you’ve ever accomplished even the smallest home improvement job, you know what I’m talking about. There are good days. There are bad days.

The afternoon of the christening, my husband John and I reminisced about the ups and downs of renovating our creekside home. We had one of the worst floods ever when Hurricane Ivan headed through Upstate SC. We wondered if we’d have a house to fix up. We did, even more so because of the leaks.

I experienced going to the bathroom in the great outdoors when the rotted corner of the house had to be torn off to remodel the bathroom. The commode was in place – it’s the walls that were gone. And we removed seven layers of flooring so thick that we could hardly stand tall in the kitchen. The floor and ceiling were about to meet.

“When we bought this one, we should have known we were up the creek without a paddle,” said John. The name stuck. The ole’ girl lovingly came to be known as “Up the Creek.”

If you happen to feel that same way, give SCI – Southern Coast Improvements a call at 843-421-9255. We’ve got a paddle, a hammer and some nails.

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